Akismet for nonprofit organizations

Thank you for your interest in using Akismet! We offer free Akismet licenses for qualified nonprofit organizations.

A nonprofit account is subject to a 60,000 API call limit per month. Organizations that exceed that amount would need to upgrade to an Akismet Enterprise plan, which is priced by actual API volume.

First, drop us a message to express your interest via this contact form to get started. Nonprofit keys are provided by our support team. It is not possible to sign up automatically.

Then, prepare the following info:

  1. Documentation certifying your organization’s nonprofit status.
  2. A WordPress.com account that will only be used for your nonprofit site(s).

We will answer your request, and you will be able to send your documents.


A document that confirms nonprofit status has been approved (not just applied for). The document should be issued or certified by a governing body (not the organization itself). It should contain the following:

  • Date
  • Organization Name / ID
  • Government representatives’ signatures and official stamps.

Here is a list of accepted documents:

United States

  • A certified copy of the applicant’s certificate of incorporation or similar document if it clearly establishes the organization’s nonprofit status. 
  • Documentation of tax-exempt status (like an IRS determination letter) is only issued to a nonprofit organization. For example, 501c3 certifying letter.

Note: In the United States, tax-exempt status is typically issued by the Federal government, while the nonprofit group is issued by the state of the nonprofit’s incorporation, so you would need to look up what is issued by the state if you’re searching for an organization.


In Canada, nonprofit entities are called Charities and use the Canadian registered charity form (T3010).

United Kingdom

Any nonprofit (which they’ll refer to as a “charity”) in the United Kingdom will be listed in the UK Registered Charities List.  You can provide the link to your charity provided by the UK government.


The Brazilian certificate is the CNPJ card and should provide an NGO number.


The paperwork you should provide must contain references to one of these:

  • Public benefit (Gemeinnützige Zwecke §52)
  • Benevolent (Mildtätige Zwecke §53)
  • Church-related (Kirchliche Zwecke §54)


Norway nonprofits are registered at http://brreg.no/ (confirmation on the Government website). You can provide the link to your charity provided by the Norway government.

Other Countries

If you have a nonprofit entity not based in one of the countries mentioned above and are unsure how to verify your nonprofit status, use Google to research the proper documentation needed for your country.

A WordPress.com account specific to your nonprofit subscriptions

We need a separate WordPress.com account that will only be used for your organization’s nonprofit site(s). We ask that you keep any personal or for-profit sites separate by setting them up on a separate WordPress.com account. For example, a WordPress.com account using a generic email address info@domain.com could be used for a nonprofit Akismet license.

We’re trying to avoid setting up nonprofit Akismet services on personal accounts. That way, if you were to hand this off to someone else at the company, it wouldn’t be tied to your personal email address and could transfer easily between the staff at your organization.

Regarding the WordPress access level, this isn’t tied to your WordPress site. It’s not required to set up a new user on your site. The account is specific to the Akismet.com and WordPress.com sites.

You can create that account here:

When contacting us, please let us know the WordPress.com username or email address we should use when setting up the nonprofit license.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.