How do I confirm Akismet is working?

As long as Akismet is properly registered and configured, you can use the following specific triggers to confirm it is working in your comment forms and contact forms:

  • Name: akismet-guaranteed-spam
  • Email:
  • Comment Body: akismet‑guaranteed‑spam

For comments, enter akismet‑guaranteed‑spam (just that, nothing else) as the text of the comment. The submission will be accepted normally, but you can confirm Akismet is working by checking that it was automatically filtered into the Spam tab at “WP Admin > Comments > Spam” instead of the main Comments view.

Checking for spam in WP Admin

Some contact form plugins require specific configuration in order to work with Akismet. Once you have Akismet properly configured, you can confirm that Akismet caught your test spam by checking wherever the contact form plugin stores spam in your WP Admin. Note that not all contact form plugins have this capability, and if you have questions about this, it’s best to direct them to the support team for that particular plugin.