How do I close comments on older posts?

We recommend closing comments on older posts on your blog. This guide explains how to do that for posts that have already been published, and posts that will be published in the future.

Closing comments on older posts that are already published

1. Go to Posts -> All Posts in your Dashboard:

2. Select all the posts you want to close comments on.

3. Select “Edit” from the “Bulk Actions” drop‑down menu and click “Apply” to open the bulk editing screen:

4. Under the Comments drop‑down menu select “Do not allow”. Under Pings select “Do not allow” as well. Leave the rest of the options untouched and click “Update” to save those changes.

If you have many posts, you may need to repeat this process for the rest of your posts to turn off comments for all of your older posts.

What if I have a lot of posts to update?

You can change the number of posts that are displayed on each page to speed up this process. Here’s how to do that:

Click on the “Screen Options” tab at the top right of the screen and on the menu that shows up, change the number of posts to be displayed and click “Apply”. We recommend setting this around 100 to avoid any site performance issues.

Closing comments on future posts automatically

You can automatically close comments on posts after they are published. Here’s how to do that:

Go to Settings -> Discussion:

Check the checkbox that says “Automatically close comments on articles older than __ days” under the Other comment settings section.

The default number is 14 days, but you can choose any number that best suits your site’s needs.

Then scroll down to the bottom of that page and click “Save Changes” to update that setting.

All done! After this option is checked, comments will automatically close on all new published posts that are older than 14 days (or the number that you set).

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