Akismet for Developers

Get rid of spam in your application. Use our API to access Akismet’s powerful spam detection.

Getting started

Key verification

Authenticate your key before calling other methods

Comment check

Submit content for a thumbs up or down response

Submit spam

Send comments that should have been marked as spam

Submit ham

Submit false positives – real comments marked
as spam

Not sure where to start? Read our getting started guide to get an overview of the Akismet API.

Explore more

Explore plugins and platforms

Want to use Akismet with a system or platform? There are Akismet plugins for many popular content management systems, forums, and more.

Download a language libary

These libraries do all of the boring work for you, making it easier for you to focus on your app.

Get in touch with us

If you’re having trouble getting started (or just want to say hello!), we’re happy to help.

About the API

The Akismet API is open and alternative uses of it are encouraged. The WordPress plugin is GPL and fine for use as a reference.