Set it and forget it.
That’s peace of mind at scale.

Large networks, multisite installations, or custom solutions for large enterprises — we’ve got it all covered. Rest easy knowing that the brands and communities you’ve built are protected, for good. It’s why the largest brands in the world trust Akismet.

Trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world

“With Akismet, we don’t really have to think about spam prevention, which allows us to work on other things. It allows us to work on delivering better features for our customers that they care about – and that are visible to them. And we’re able to do that because of what Akismet is doing behind the scenes.

John Lunsford, Senior Engineer at ConvertKit


Akismet is cloud‑based, so it won’t slow your site down or increase bounce rates. It’s also invisible to site visitors, so it won’t add annoying friction or decrease conversion rates.


Advanced AI that has successfully blocked over 500 billion pieces of spam with 99.99% accuracy. That’s not bad, as far as peace of mind goes.


We get it, the stakes are higher for bigger brands. That’s why we protect your site around‑the‑clock. With 99.9% uptime, we’re always up so your security team doesn’t have to be.


Akismet was built by developers for developers. This means that our API is flexible enough for your custom needs, no matter the number of sites or volume of traffic.


Developed by the team behind, Akismet is integrated with many of the tools in your existing tech stack. And if not – creating custom connections is a breeze.


99.99% accuracy is impressive, no doubt. But sometimes it’s helpful to see – and know – that you’re being protected. Our Enterprise dashboard does just that, displaying what Akismet is catching as spam and what it’s allowing through.


At the Enterprise level, we’ll set your team up with dedicated account support. With industry‑leading response times, you’ll always have access to the personalized support your business needs.

Curious about pricing?

Whether you need spam protection for large networks, multisite installations, or something more custom, our team of experts is happy to help. We’ll learn more about your needs and come up with a no‑pressure recommendation.