Should I choose a free or paid subscription?

Free keys are for personal, non-commercial sites only — no exceptions.

If your site has advertising or affiliate links, sells products or services, solicits donations or sponsorships, or is in any way related to a for-profit business or educational organization — your site is considered commercial.

Noncompliance with these terms will result in immediate suspension of services without notice.

For-profit educational institutions and organizations are not eligible for a Personal/Free plan at this time.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes! We offer free Akismet licenses for qualified nonprofit organizations. You will need to provide official documentation showing your organization’s nonprofit status. All the information needed to get started can be found in our Akismet for Nonprofits guide.

Note that a nonprofit key is subject to a 60,000 API call limit per month. Organizations that exceed that amount would need to upgrade to an Akismet Enterprise plan, which is priced by actual API volume. Contact our team to get started.

If you are ready to sign up for an Akismet subscription, visit our pricing page to get started.