Akismet: Unblocking a spam

If a spam comment has been posted to your site you can mark it as spam simply by hovering your cursor over the comment and clicking the Spam link. 

If you’re using the Akismet plugin and you come across a spam comment that Akismet missed, marking it as spam will help Akismet learn and it will be less likely to miss similar spam in the future, as explained in Teach Akismet to identify spams.


If there are comments that have been marked as spam that shouldn’t be (a false positive), click the checkboxes next to them and select Not Spam from the Bulk Actions drop‑down at the top of the page. 

Click the Apply button to confirm your choice. 

Alternatively, click the Not Spam link that appears when hovering your cursor over each row.

Contact forms

Note that Akismet itself doesn’t have a tool to remove a contact from the spam list. The contact form you are using provides the tools to add or remove contacts from the spam list.

Your choices for contact forms are:


Jetpack Feedback has the same structure as WordPress comments. You just need to set the message as spam or not spam.

You can find more information about Jetpack Forms blocks here.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms has included built‑in support for the Akismet Anti‑Spam plugin since version 1.6. When the plugin is active you’ll find an Akismet setting located on the Forms > Settings page where you can disable or enable the integration; it is enabled by default for new installations.

When enabled all form submissions will be checked by Akismet. Submissions identified as spam by Akismet will have their entry status property set to spam preventing processing of notifications and add‑ons.

Spam submissions can be reviewed in the Entries area of the form. Marking an entry as spam or not spam using the features available on the entries and entry detail pages will notify Akismet which will help train their filters.

Contact Form 7 + Flamingo

Flamingo provides you the integrated Akismet tool to remove an email from the spam list. More information at https://contactform7.com/spam‑filtering‑with‑akismet/#reporting‑false‑detection

If you have general questions about Akismet, please contact us.