Viewing your Advanced Stats data

If you have an Akismet Pro subscription or above, you have access to Advanced Stats: additional data points around your account’s usage and diagnostics that attempt to pinpoint any potential trouble spots in your recent results.

To access these, click on the account-wide stats link at the bottom of your Active Sites card in your account dashboard.

Then, choose the Advanced Stats tab above the chart, and enjoy!

You will have access to the following data points:

  • Classification probabilities
  • Peak periods
  • Yearly, monthly, and daily averages
  • Other various activity-related stats


Along with access to Advanced Stats, you will also have access to diagnostics so Akismet can make sure nothing unexpected is happening with your Akismet usage. These can be found in the “Diagnostics” section below the Advanced Stats.

If you have general questions about Akismet, please contact us.