Second most spammed man in the world

Mark at Weblog Tools Collection posts about his Akismet caught spam count – 271,167. He also invites people to share their count in the comments, I guess a button or badge is really needed!

Until recently Mark was the most spammed man in the world, Weblog Tools Collection and his personal blog accounted for a startling amount of the total volume Akismet received in the early days. I have no idea why this was, but I think it’s a combination of his blogs are old, have high pagerank, used to run Movable Type, and Mark wrote some early anti-spam plugins.

Mark was recently passed up by someone else, a newcomer, and if I can track him down I’ll share more.


  1. 72,055 spams at Hammer of Truth. We’re about to move to a login system with a planned expansion of the site, so we’ll probably never crack 100K.

    We’re using the Akismet plugin for Spam Karma and it’s saved a bunch of time/hassle with spammers. I have a gut feeling this war is only starting and the dirty tricks will only get dirtier (getting legit sites flagged in order to crap up the blacklists).

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  3. Akismet has caught 22,769 spam for you since you installed it. (on march 29th)

    And a preview for today: 1100 in only 5 hours, 81 in last 10 minutes! 😦

  4. I don’t have that much spam comimg in yet, but I do have a single incoming IP address being referred from 5 websites to a single one of mine. And the referring sites are totally unrelated to what I am writing about. The same person has also linked those 5 sites to another of my sites. Again, no relation in content.

  5. Ooops, didn’t finish. What I’m saying is that I think there is unfortunately as much innovation in spamming techniques as in legitimate endeavours.

  6. thats a lot of spam. im workin my way up to that tho. my site is spammed insanely.

  7. I took the vast majority of the load off of akismet when I installed Bad Behaviour. Now I find it much easier to distinguish between spam bots and ‘real’ people trying to spam.

  8. Hi. I passed 100k just few days ago. What makes this interesting is that my blog is not high in pagerank nor has enourmous amount of readers. I get somewhat 5000 spam comments in a day.

    That all makes me to say thankyou to Akismet. Without Akismet blogging would be hell.

  9. Wow, my 4994 looks positively neglected 😉

    I have another blog that’s been around since September ’05 and it’s sitting on 0. Now that would have to be a record! I’d post where it is but I kinda like it being the web’s best kept secret 🙂

  10. Yeah, I’d probably get like 1000 a day or so, but luckily I run Bad Behavior 2 as well, so… 🙂

  11. Yes whiffer, it’s not uncommon to have more spam than visitors. This weekend I had hundreds of visitors, but thousands of spam comments. The spammers aren’t visitors. They use some kind of automated spambot that posts around the clock, giving the busy spammer more time to molest their kids.

  12. I noticed the spam has been getting worse over the past day or two with around 20-30 per hour. Anyone else having the same problem?

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  14. Toby: You are right. I am receiving at least 3 per min. I wonder why. all about hotels

  15. 5385 spams in the last 24 hours! :-/

    May 16th, 2006 at 9:39am: 22,769
    May 19th, 2006 at now: 33,863

    What devs think about a “Akismet has caught 33,863 spam for you since you installed it, XXXXX of them in the last 24hs” feature ?

  16. I started receiving spam comments about three days ago (before that almost nothing). I have the option turned on that users must register to comment. Somebody seems to have found a way around that. Also I have a blacklist of words. So, I then enabled akismet and it has stopped something like 31 spam comments so far. However, a few managed to slip past it already!

  17. Toby and Mandrake : I had a severe increase over the past few days as well. I’d never seen more than 10 or 15 in my awaiting moderation queue until today, when it was 1580, and that’s just from this week. I installed Akismet an hour ago … 50 so far.

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  19. Live Spam Zeitgeist

    35,682,172 spams caught so far

    1,305,244 so far today

    90% of all comments are spam


  20. im really amazed…

    “Akismet has protected your site from 70,700 spam comments.”

    And despite the power of akismet, i still amazed for the power spammers have to do this kind of sh*t globally

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  22. I just upgraded to WP2 the other day and Akismet hasn’t had to work very hard so far “Akismet has caught 8 spam for you since you installed it.”. 🙂 Spam Karma had to do a lot of spamfiltering before though: “# Total Spam Caught: 385938 (average karma: -5564.32)”. :O

  23. “Akismet has protected your site from 422 spam comments.”

    It’s probably double that on my main site, but i don’t track what akismet blocks with it since it’s not the WP plugin (It’s a self coded comments system suing the PHP 5 class by Alex). Akismet has only missed 4 or 5 pieces of spam over both sites i use it.

    Thank you 🙂

  24. 55,720 and counting at my personal blog. I have no idea why they’re hitting me so hard.

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