Akismet Buttons?

We’ve had quite a few folks ask for some sort of button they could put on their site. Well, one of our users Nigel Kane went ahead and did one, which we’ve put in the FAQ (at the bottom). If anyone else is feeling artistically inclined, go ahead and send us your Akismet button and if we add it to the site we’ll upgrade your account to “Pro-blogger” for the year.

We’ve also had requests for a way to display the number of spams that have been blocked in your sidebar or on your site somehow, as some of you guys have pretty impressive numbers. There is a built-in option in the Akismet plugin for getting this but we don’t expose it as a widget or anything… yet! We’re looking at adding this to the next version of the plugin. In the meantime, Cavemonkey has the Akismet Spam Count plugin which makes it pretty easy.

Perhaps we could even have buttons that showed the count? That’d be doubly cool. Would you use one?


  1. Oh, and as for the spam counter button; that’d be pretty simple to set-up and would be nice and easy for users to put it anywhere they want. And widgets are shmick, so one featuring akismet stats will be loved and adored by all.

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  3. I’d use it. In fact if it was something like the too cool for IE sash / badge that goes on the bottom edge of the site. Like : http://mattread.com/projects/wp-plugins/akismet-badge/
    As an option would be cool, especially if it used GD (as an option? 🙂 ) Another option that would be cool is the size button that you have now but shows the ammount. GD too? That may be just me though. 🙂

  4. I like the button/spam count combination idea. Akismet has killed a huge number of spam comments on my site, and I would like to display it for the world to see.

  5. I would use a spam count button on my blog for sure. Akismet have saved my blog I must say.. caught nearly 300 spam for me since I installed it two weeks ago.

  6. I’d also like the world to know that Akismet has killed 1,354 spam since April 1. So, yes, a button is a great idea.

  7. Has there been a new surge of spam across the board?

    I’ve had over 3000 spam comments in the last 24 hours.

    Askimet caught them all! THANK YOU!

    I usually get four or five per day

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  9. Having helped me combat more than 25,000 spam comments, I’d be glad to flash some Akismet love 🙂

  10. Funny, I was just thinking about dropping all of Amsterdam into a htaccess file because of all the spam I get out of there. 🙂

  11. Well, I whipped this little widget which displays my spam count based on the WordPress Akismet Spam Count plugin.

  12. Looks a bit like Mint’s dashboard widget but the interface is going to change when I have the time. Added some javascript to it so it’s draggable across the screen.

    Have a look at it on my site. May probably post a tutorial up for it. Anyone interested?

  13. I was just surprised at the sheer number of spam comments that I get (and are caught by Akismet) even though my site isn’t really that popular. It’s hardly that popular of a site, but there were over 79 spam comments within 4 – 5 days.

    If there was an official Akismet mini-banner, I probably would use it.

  14. Yes, a button would be neat, also a spam caught counter (I like the simple gray one you show off on top here).

    Btw., there must be a new spam guy on the block, I have a small blog only and at first, the spam caught count was something like 200 since 1 April, but now within a week it jumped to something like 3,200.

    One week, 3,000 new spam. Amazing. Without Akismet I would have shut my blog down at this point drowning in all the spam to moderate 🙂

  15. Rich, I have included your button in the Akismet module for Drupal, to let admins display the actual spam counter…


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