Yodel if you Hate Spam

As we just announced over on the WordPress blog, you can now do a “one‑click” install of WordPress on Yahoo web hosting and they will even keep it upgraded as new releases come out.

What’s very cool about this deal from an anti‑spam point of view is that Yahoo is auto‑enabling Akismet for all their customers with a site‑wide API key. This means Akismet is just automatically on without having to sign up for a WordPress.com API key, and every Yahoo customer has the equivilent of a Pro‑blogger Akimset License. That’s a $5/mo value.


We think this really sets them apart from every other host out there, which invest huge amounts of money into email spam blocking but completely neglect comment and trackback spam, leaving you vulnerable and unprotected. Cheers to Yahoo for leading the pack on this one.


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  2. That is so great I am glad to hear about any effort to combat spam. I am happy to see Yahoo is teaming up with you all I think it is no doubt a win win situation congreats!

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