v7ndotcom elursrebmem?

So the latest in comment spam is the phrase “v7ndotcom elursrebmem” which apparently some sort of new SEO contest. Apparently the contest has no rules against black hat techniques, so lots of people have decided to try and spam their way to the top. I’m only blogging about this because a few of these comments (which Akismet correctly identified as spam) have been submitted as false positives, so if one of these commenters crosses your blog I would you encourage you to not to allow them to exploit your blog with this link text. (In WordPress all comment links are nofollow anyway so I don’t know what they think they’re getting out of it.)


  1. In default installs of WordPress from after the addition of sledgehammer nofollow for everything, whether or not it has been moderated and approved, they are nofollowed. In (among other things) ghost installs that were abandoned before the nofollow condom was even a gleam in Google’s eye, they most certainly are not.

    And come on, you’re not new enough here to think that the economics of comment spamming in any way encourage spammers to carefully look at the site they are spamming, any more than email spammers will read every address on the lists they buy, and then try to Google the person to see whether they seem like the sort of person who would buy body part enlargement products.

  2. Yeah, I also thought that moderating everything by default for 1+ years in WordPress would help things. But alas!

  3. I’ve been rescuing some false positives from my list but I’m actually really pleased to see them getting caught up.

    There is a world of difference between a fun, spammy comment on my competition blog entry and a spammy comment on a totally unrelated blog entry.

    Within hours of the start we were using Google’s blog search to find the newest entries and race to be the first to comment – but with something related to the blog and the owners content.

    It would go against the spirit of the competition to spam outside the competition community. I hope that’s not what you’re seeing!

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  5. Yes im in this contest along with 1000’s of others there will be black hat SEO going on but defo not by me, but i can see that there will be lots going on in this contest, but in my eye’s thats life with the internet and the ones that dont do black hat should be able to fight against this and good luck to them all

  6. Actually, I took the “nofollow” out šŸ˜€ My install of WordPress is spam-friendly (well, user friendly), but for my akismet installation.

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