Systems Error

We had a systems problem earlier today which caused spam to not get caught for some of our users. Because we’re in the middle of a comment spam torrent, this was probably very noticable to a lot of people, for which I’m very sorry.

It’s a process, but we’re always increasing capacity for crazy spikes like we’ve had the past few days and also putting in place systems to give priority uptime for people who financially support the anti-spam movement.

The benefit of a centralized system like Akismet is everyone benefits from the collective intelligence of every user, we’re all unified in the fight together, but the point of vulnerability is always downtime.


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  2. What i’d like to see is a status indication of Akismet integrated to WordPress maybe. Something like a green and red like a led gif file indicating service activity.

  3. I was lucky: all my spam was caught by the moderation system in WordPress during the time Akismet was down.

    Again: thanks a lot for Akismet. I love what you’re doing with it.

  4. So that’s why spam TBs were going through, I’m still all thumbs to Akismet though, all thumbs.

  5. Kow what? That’s good news for me as I had already feared Akismet was getting weak 😉

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  11. Nonetheless, I am impressed with Akismet’s algorithm to seek and filter all those spams. Sometimes I just get too much SPAM, and hardly had time to delete them myself.

    Thanks for Akismet, which give me more time and flexibility to concentrate on other matters.

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