Quantifying Reddit Bigotry

Update (2015-08-30): It looks like the team who created the tool decided to retire it due to some reported accuracy concerns.

We never pass on the opportunity to mix in a little bit of humor with our passion for web content moderation.

One of our engineers, Dan Walmsley, participated in Cultivated Wit’s Comedy Hack Day in Los Angeles last weekend, and his team’s resulting project has since surfaced on Motherboard and Engadget.

Free Reddit Check, created by Dan’s team and crowned with the day’s top prize, is a site which attempts to quantify the terribleness of Reddit users based on their public comment content and subreddit participation. While perfectly suited for a hack day which pairs developers and comedians, there is certainly usefulness in determining the respectability of a potential online acquaintance. Or just knowing who to ignore.

And being obsessed with content analysis, community moderation, and keeping the web’s underbelly in check, we can’t help but think it’s a nifty idea.