1. Hoffman:
    Although that would work, I’m trying to get the settings for the Akismet plugin more integrated into the phpBB Admin Panel to hopefully make it as integrated and as complete into phpBB as possible.

    Also, I’ll be putting it into the official phpBB MOD Template so it can be installed by tools like EasyMOD. 🙂

  2. How about a plugin for vBulletin? Sure, it’s commercial (as is phpBB these days – though you can get the older versions free), but it’s a great piece of forum software… And certainly one of the most used…

  3. All phpBB versions are free. Andy, I’m not sure where you heard/read that phpBB became a commercial forum.

  4. I’m currently debugging the first release of the code, which I plan to release today.

  5. I’m pleased to announce that version 0.1.0 of Akismet Spam Butcher MOD has been released. Support and a download link are available via the link provided in this blog post. 🙂

    I ask anyone who has knowledge about implementations of Akismet to look at the MOD and provide any suggestions/opinions, etc. to help make the MOD better!
    –Douglas Bell (Fountain of Apples)

  6. Oh WOW, Akismet for phpBB! Thanks a lot Doug! I have successfully kept spamBots from posting on my forum (with a simple user activation), but haven’t found an effective way to keep manual spammers off of my site without turning on admin activation of accounts. I love my WordPress Akismet plugin, so I can’t wait to try your phpBB version. Thanks again!

  7. ^ the topic over at phpbb.com says he’s abandoned the project unfortunately. Let’s hope someone else can pick it up.

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