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I’ve released a very small update to the Akismet for WordPress plugin, version 1.15. (Might take a few minutes to show up in the download.) Basically it just cleans up the formatting of the spam page a bit, adds a delete button to the bottom of the page, and gives you a view post link so you know what post a comment is on. Also if you hover over the “View Post” link it’ll tell you the title of the post.

The goal is to keep the plugin as simple as possible, and hopefully these small changes make the Akismet experience a little more elegant for WordPress users.


  1. I’ve been waiting for this. It’s not always easy to tell if something’s spam without the context of the post it’s from. Thanks. But don’t worry—never had any false positives.

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  3. How long will it take for the file to be updated?

    It’s been quite a few minutes since your post. 🙂

  4. Since the time of this post is not listed, I’ll post it here! I’ve been waiting for this functionality. But when I download the plugin, the source still shows the version to be 1.14!

    I guess the download link is yet to be updated! I’ll wait 🙂

  5. Cool. Next improvement has to be a “flag as spam” button in the mass-edit mode comment page, along with “approve” and “delete”

  6. Hmm, maybe spoke too soon. It’s been a few hours, but the download package is still 1.14.

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  8. Plugin hasn’t been updated as of the time of this comment. Don’t keep us waiting on our toes Matt ! 😉

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  13. Not seeing the newest plugin may come from not updating the cache of your web browser. Because, here, it shows v1.15.

  14. THe “view post” button is something I’ve been waiting for, too. Thanks!

  15. Still at version 1.14. Out of curiosity, does version 1.15 fix the “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_post() in… akismet.php on line 251” problem?

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  17. Just downloaded but the comment at the top of the PHP file still says 1.14. Maybe just the comment needs updating? 😉

  18. Here’s a suggestion. How about the option called “nuke all spam”, for those of us who trust Akismet’s accuracy? I just as soon have them disappear entirely, and never have to moderate spam.

    But still keep a running total.

  19. Eric, no. That problem is caused by using a version of WordPress under the minimum requirements for Akismet.

  20. Hi,
    nice job on the update. Works nicely. Two things though. The first is the number of each spam message is gone (e.g. #1 Spam Message, #2 Spam Message) Also the plugin seems to show the first 170 spam messages only, though I currently have over a thousand. There is no next page either. How do I fix those two things? Thanks…

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  24. Ohh thank you for the delete button at the bottom of the page. That was my ONLY complaint about Akismet. I hated having to scroll all the way to the top of the page after reviewing my spam. Thanks.

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  27. how do I install this plugin? just deactivate and replace the old akismet.php with the new one?

  28. everybody keeps saying the askimet plugin has been updated. It must have been updated but there is no download link anywhere.

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  34. The change of the VIEW link (and the View Post link in Comments in the new version of WordPress) so you have to hover over the link to see what post the comment hit sucks. Why should I have to move my mouse over a link in order to find out which post got hit so I can evaluate whether or not the comment has anything to do with the post?

    Please change both links back to the title of the post such as “View Post: This is the title” to help us fast-moving, simple-minded folks work more efficiently as we go through comments and spam.

    And great work on beating off the nasties this past week.


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  41. Matt — Just wanted to drop a quick comment to make sure you know how much I appreciate this plugin. I’ve been using it for awhile now and it’s awesome. Thanks for all your hard work on it.

  42. Nice, this plugin gets better every version and it’d be near perfect if you can implement some of the features that people have mentioned above. I only have a small blog and don’t have much spam but it’s caught almost every single one so far. It’s the most transparent yet effective spam plugin I’ve seen.

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