MT 3.31 breaks Akismet

We’ve been getting several reports of errors with Akismet after people upgrade to Movable Type 3.31. To be honest we’re not Perl hackers so if you have any clues what might be causing the error and we’ll update this entry with information on a workaround or a new version of the plugin.


  1. Upgrading causes the Akismet plugin to forget your WordPress API key. Re-enter the key and you’ll see everything working again.

  2. Not true. You think it is working, but if you check your activity logs, you’ll see it dies each time it tries to check a comment.

  3. That problem (re-entering your API key) solves one problem, but not another. The other has to do with TrackBack pings, and while Akismet continues to work (it seems), it litters your log file with a bunch of this:

    Junk Filter Akismet died with: unknown column: entry_id for class MT::TBPing at lib/MT/ line 283 MT::Object::AUTOLOAD

    I’ve written that up here: .

  4. The Akismet for MT plugin by Stephan Riha works just fine with 3.31.
    I installed it 4 days ago on my wife’s blog that I had just upgraded to MT 3.31. Its been functioning perfectly since then. No errors in the logs, etc.

  5. I just upgraded to 3.31 and it works just fine with akismet. I’m getting my ham in the normal way!

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