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Well if the rush of traffic is any indication, we’re live now. Where did all you fine folks come from?

Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy learning about Akismet, maybe even enough to try it out on your spam problems.

If you have any questions not in the FAQ please contact us!


  1. It’s cool to find this plugin.
    It’s cooler to have a account, without an invite.
    It’s coolest to comment here, the first.


  2. Well, seeing as you announced it on one of the most read blogs in the WP community I can’t imagine where we all came from. πŸ™‚

  3. Is there any problem as far as licensing is concerend to use my API key on both mine and my wife’s blog? She has absolutely no use for a blog and I’d hate to see a site just sitting there collecting dust.

  4. Justin, I don’t think that’d be a problem. It sounds like you’re both under the personal license anyway, and there would be no reason for her ever to have her own account.

  5. Just wanted to say I’ve been using it since last night and, while I hope I’m not speaking too soon, my completely-out-of-control spam problem seems completely solved. Thanks!

    Er, no, most bloggers are not making $500 per month. Most bloggers use the numeral 4 to indicate the word “for.” I myself would be losing money on my blogs if I paid for hosting, which I don’t.

  6. Cool tool,

    but why don’t you put the Spam-Inbox directy as an sub-option of the dashboard? Now I have always to click on “manage” to see it there’s new spam. Or at least you could give a small info in the info-Box in the Dashboar with a link for the spam management, similar to that how you do it with comment moderation.

  7. Matt, as far as I’ve seen, the current version number of the plugin isn’t displayed anywhere at this moment. It seems a bit silly to have to download the plugin every couple of days to see if it’s been updated, so could you put the current version number somewhere near the download link? That would help a lot!

  8. Here’s something I’d like to see clarified. Last night, after a couple of flawless days of use, Akismet caught its first false positive on my blog. But was it really a false positive? The comment was actually in violation of my old restrictive anti-spam rules — I hadn’t yet removed them, though I have now. Does Akismet also catch spam that passes its own criteria but violates the blog’s local moderation rules?

  9. It does have a link to the spam center on the dashboard, at the bottom of the activity box.

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