Lice Broadway Show

Spammers say the darndest things:

I have a great idea for a Broadway show, My company is Lice**** the professional service for the removal of head lice. The anguish,helplessness, and then the relief of the Parents with children with head lice is a wonderfull setting for a Broadway hit. Please contact me at 917‑***‑****.

Tickets go on sale… never.


  1. I believe it’s a musical. Seriously, I’d love to see the dancing dandruff sequence. I mean that!

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  3. LOL that’s a real scary presentation to go to :D. I don’t want any lice dancing around my head. Anyway you sure got the point across in a very effective way.

  4. Sadly, i have no headlice puns as it seems i’ve been beaten to it.
    However, i’ve gotta say that’s pretty damn awesome. I wish i got spam as funny as that.

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