1. I’m having trouble with Akismet persistently trapping a certain commenter. I must have marked 20-30 of his comments as “not spam” by now, but it keeps trapping him. Is there any way to set up a “white list” of commenters (by email address perhaps) so that I can prevent this?

  2. Well Robert, that’s exactly my question, but the ‘certain commenter’ in my case is me. I cannot comment anymore at my own site without Akismet thinking it’s spam. This is because a while ago, I posted a comment containing several links. It’s getting so irritating that I disabled Akismet until there is a fix for this.

  3. Robert and Jan, if you submit the falsely caught comment as “not spam” then the system learns from that and corrects the error over time. If it doesn’t then it is likely that you’re being caught by something that isn’t Akismet.

  4. Matt, I’ve disabled all my other spam defences, and Akismet works brilliantly apart from this problem — it just doesn’t seem to learn that this fellow is not spam!

  5. Jan, Robert: how about using Spam Karma with its Akismet Plugin. Best of both worlds and Spam Karma has whitelists AND never marks comments from a logged in person as spam.

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