Do you appreciate Akismet?

If so, please take a moment to leave a short comment on this post letting us know!

We’re working on a new site design and would love to include some new testimonials whether you just started being protected by Akismet or if it’s been safeguarding your site for 5+ years now.


  1. I built numerous websites (around 50 now) on WordPress and ALL of them are protected by Akismet. It is a wonderfull plugin that keeps commenters out, for various reasons.

    I didn’t want comments on my company’s business site advertising all kinds of malicious links or pr0n, and I sure didn’t want those on the site of our baby daughter, which we use to post pictures and keep family up-to-date about the adventures of our one year old.

    Akismet helps me preventing this kind of garbage off my sites by automatically dismissing them and/or informing me about comments.
    And the various settings give me a lot of control on how I want spam be taken care of.


  2. Akismet is wonderful. I’ve been using it on my blog since 2007 and it’s done an outstanding job of blocking spam.

  3. I use Akismet since 2007 and i’m very happy with it. It just works. Thank you.

  4. I tried several spam prevention plugins and methods before finding Akismet. A year later and thousands of spam comments blocked on multiple WordPress installs; I wouldn’t recommend anything else!

  5. I teach people how to manage their own websites using WordPress. Akismet is the first plug in we activate and set up to keep their sites safe. Thank you for this plug in!

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