Database Move

We’ve moved the database to a brand new machine specifically tuned for database performance, so if you thought it was fast before, now it’ll be even more so.

We’ve also added an auto-discovery link for this blog’s RSS feed, so it should be easier to get to now.


  1. The RSS feed’s really easy to get to, but very hard to parse: somehow (like a stray double \r\n before the headers, maybe?) you’ve got headers leaking into the body. Some things, like browsers, don’t think so, but the feedvalidator and Magpie agree: “yuck ptuiee, that’s not XML!”

  2. Well, what are you doing between outputting the ETag header and outputting the Content-type header, that might output”OK\r\n”? That’s the what and where, all you have to do is find the why.

  3. What are you guys using for your backend database? Just MySQL? It’s probably the easiest way to go, but I’d hate to have to worry about performance. But then again, none of my projects have gotten large enough that I need to purchase my own dedicated machine..

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