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We did some upgrades to the system last night to do some more finely grained tracking of the per blog and per key amounts of spam, ham, and mistakes moving through the system. It’s starting to expose some interesting data, and it’s kinda fun to play with. I’m curious if folks would be interested in getting access to the data for their key, daily stats and such? No graphs yet, but that’s a logical next step.

Update: This upgrade had a bug that caused some downtime.


  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Would be cool if we can get it in some XML or SOAP form, so that we could play and manipulate it ourselves… could make for some interesting WP plugins.

  2. That would be great to have, Matt.

    I would especially like a breakdown of the false positives as well to try to understand why my regular commenters so regularly get falsely caught by Akismet.

  3. I’d be interested. I noticed for the first time today, actually, that Akismet missed a spam comment that actually ended up held for moderation instead. There were enough garbage hyperlinks in there that it should have caught it easily. So, it looks like something’s not quite right.

  4. Yes! I am certainly interested. The data would be a great addition and speaking just for me, I don’t need fancy graphs.

  5. I would be very interested in having access to this new data which you are seeing with the upgrades. Sign me up.

  6. I’d be keen for more statistics ๐Ÿ™‚ The more metrics around blogs the better.


  7. Hell yes. It will not only be interesting but useful too..
    Please do give access to the data ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I don’t get a lot of traffic currently (and hence, not a lot of spam), but I’m still very much interested in stats – they always interest me ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. How would “hell yes!” sound?

    (I had some 20 spam slip through last nigh, I assume it’s because you were doing upgrades)

  10. The Akismet Spam Count plugin does a simple job of reporting the number of spams Akismet has caught, but daily and similar statistics WOULD be fun to play with. I vote “yes”.

    By the way, it appears Akismet hasn’t been working for me since last night; most spam is being filtered via WordPress’s regular spam filter, going to the Moderation page. Can you guys test the “upgrade” a bit more, just in case.


  11. would this upgrade have any impact on the results I’m getting today? I’ve noticed a significant increase in spam getting through on my blog (its an avalanche in comparison to the trickle that normally gets through Akismet). Perhaps its something to do with the upgrade? or is it just one of those days where the spammers try something new and up the amount of spam that they try to get through?

    To answer your question though – I’m interested to see some stats.

  12. My blog doesn’t get as much spam as the more famous sites but I’d sure want to see my stats too…will be looking forward to when you finally provide that data!

    Kudos to your team!

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  15. Your updates may have borked. I just deleted over 100 comment spams from my site’s comments panel, after just checking the Akismet tab and finding 0 comment spams.

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  17. Hi,

    I would much rather contact you guys to express how much I like Akismet and how much time it has saved me. But right now there seems to be an entire wave of spam comments passing your guys filters for blogs everywhere. In case you are interested in the error message returned by the API you can checkout this post of mine:

    I hope you’ll be back up & running soon, good luck!

  18. I’d love stats like that!
    You guys should make some embedded stuff: Javascript or image-based (cf Feedburner) that allows showing # spams in a blog. Would be good advertising for Akismet too.

  19. Interested in having access to the data? You really need to ask? ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, of course!

  20. Yes, I’m a stats junkie so anything like this is great fun. however these upgrades seem to be letting most spam through the system now?

  21. “Iโ€™m curious if folks would be interested in getting access to the data for their key, daily stats and such?”

    Well, there’s a big, fat yes of course we would.

    Actually a lot of spam has been passing through akismet lately. Is something up?

  22. I’d definitely be interested in seeing some of this data (especially in graph or chart form). Were these upgrades by chance related to a huge wave of spam that seems to have gotten through the Akismet gateway unscathed Saturday night?

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  25. I would love this information, in fact if i could publish it on my site (like an update to the akismet plugin ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) i would love you forever

  26. It would be great to have some individual stats. And how about publishing a ‘worst offenders’ list for all of Akismet like Rich Boakes’ worst offenders extension?

  27. Michael, not at all. The worst offenders extension assumes that IPs are the only thing important to Akismet, when it’s actually hundreds and hundreds of other things. Publishing a list of IPs would be useless at best, harmful at worst.

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