Algorithim Updated

The software behind Akismet underwent an upgrade tonight, which you should only notice if spam was getting through the filter before. As always, vote with your submit buttons. If you notice any mistakes mark the comment as spam or ham (not spam) and it will be submitted back to Akismet, which will learn and adapt.

This was the first major upgrade since Akismet launched. I also took the opportunity to upgrade some of the server software to the latest versions, which seems to have performance ever‑so‑slightly better.


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  2. I never get all that much spam on my site but I think that is mainly due to how I have my firewall and apache configured. I take a look at the headers of all incoming connections to filter out a lot of it but so far this service has been great and has caught 4 spams to date. I was using Spam Karma 2 until a few weeks ago when it suddenly started throwing MySQL errors so I went looking for another solution.

    I like this service but I have gotten used to configuring all of he options in SK2 so it is a little difficult adjusting to having zero options to configure but it is also sort of nice. at any rate keep up the great work! 🙂

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