Akismet + VaultPress

Looking forward to a hitch-free 2014?

Spam protection and loss prevention are on everyone’s list of must-have WordPress tools. We think they naturally go hand-in-hand — and today, we’re excited to announce that you can take care of both these essentials with a single subscription.

We’re pleased to offer a new bundle subscription that includes both the spam-zapping brilliance of Akismet Professional and the fantastic VaultPress Lite service, with its  daily backups, 30-day archive, and one-click automated restores.

Along with the uncompromising spam protection that Akismet provides, you can now guarantee the safety of all your WordPress content, from database tables and plugins to themes and uploads — with VaultPress, your entire WordPress installation is safe and sound. You can choose a monthly subscription ($9 per month), or save $15/year by opting for an annual subscription ($99). Separately, the subscriptions would run you $10 per month or $114 per year.

The signup and activation process is simple and seamless. Make it your New Year’s resolution to grab the bundle, and stop worrying about annoying spam, asteroid strikes, extraterrestrial attacks, or unintentional mistakes after those long nights of blogging. You can sign up on our plans page.

If you have any questions about the bundle, please feel free to get in touch with us via akismet.com/contact. We’re always ready and happy to help.