Akismet Saves Kansas City


Akismet is a distributed team with members from all over the world (from Australia to Ireland to South Dakota). So, a couple of times each year, the team gets together to hang out and work on some fun projects. This past week, we all got together in Kansas City, Missouri (mainly for access to Google Fiber!). We were pleasantly surprised by how much there was to do around the city and found its midwestern charm quite lovely. The area of town we stayed in, known as ‘The Crossroads’, was full of great food and interesting sights to take in.

Heavy Reading

Once we were finished with our projects and made sure that the world was safe from spam, we went searching for fun. We discovered that Kansas City is home to the world’s only subterranean paintball course, where an old limestone mine was converted into a colorful battleground. It was a really unique and fantastic experience – minus the bruises! Highly recommended if you ever visit.

The most visible change around here as a result of the meetup is our new and improved home page. The old version had been around for quite some time, and our designer, Dan, had a really great vision for moving it forward. Super clean, a great flow, and with some awesome custom illustrations. There is even a little easter egg for you to discover (hint: contra)!

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