Akismet Plugin Version 2.5.3 for WordPress

We’ve just updated the Akismet WordPress plugin to version 2.5.3. There are three changes in this update:

  • Specify the license is GPL v2 or later
  • Fix a bug that could result in orphaned commentmeta entries
  • Include hotfix for WordPress 3.0.5 filter issue

For those that have experienced issues with your commentmeta table growing in size, this update addresses that by making sure we don’t create orphaned rows in the table.

If you have automatic updates configured you’ll see the update in your dashboard soon. You can also download the zip file and manually install the update.


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  2. thanks for update, will be so nice if this plugin would mark all spam IP and deny access via the .htaccess

    1. If you have specific IPs that you want to block you can use the built in Comment Blacklist feature in WordPress.

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  4. This last month, I’ve received several complaints from clients about spam getting through. Has there been a glitch with Akismet’s usual great service? Or a spike in the IQ of spammers?

    Thanks for this great plugin!

    1. If Akismet makes a mistake be sure to click the ‘Spam’ or ‘Not Spam’ items, that sends info back to akismet.com so that we can learn from the mistake. For future support questions akismet.com/contact/ is the best place.

  5. Hello, mister Joseph Scott, can i have a supplementary question ?
    First of all: In the past few weeks Akismet marked as spam numerous legitimate comments. So, that makes me thinking of a new question:

    If a wordpress user (even if use wordpress on a standard wordpress com account or on self-hosted sites) marks as spam a name, an email address or / and an IP, this will have an influence on other sites that have Akismet accounts ? There is a blacklist, universaly applied ?

    (Sorry for my bad English, i`m not a native English speaker, I hope you understand me !)

    1. If Akismet makes a mistake like that then you need to mark those comments as ‘Not Spam’, this will send information back to akismet.com so that it can learn from the mistake.

      For future support questions please use akismet.com/contact/

  6. I’ve also been getting many spam comments since update to latest version. Is this normal???

    1. The volume of spam submitted to you site isn’t dependent on what version of the Akismet plugin you are using.

      If you have specific concerns please drop us a note at akismet.com/contact/ with the details.

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