Akismet on GoDaddy

One of the biggest challenges for Akismet is most people don’t know there’s a commercial option, and even if you do we use a Paypal subscription method that’s a pain in the butt. (For now.)

On the first front we have a lot of work to do on awareness, but on the latter it seemed like most people already have a billing arrangement with their web host so if we could work with them directly it would remove a lot of the friction from the upgrade process.

Probably the largest WordPress web host in the world is GoDaddy, and they’re also the first to make Akismet Pro Blogger license keys available directly on GoDaddy.com. Should you desire to do so, you can now get a commercial Akismet key with a single click from your GoDaddy account which will make you kosher if you have a commercial blog or want priority support and spam checking.

If you’re a GoDaddy customer and already cool with Akismet, please take a minute to leave a review on their site. It amazes me that some people still blog without spam protection.

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