Akismet is up.

If you’re using the test revision of the WordPress Akismet plugin and seeing messages about connectivity problems, don’t be too alarmed.

Akismet is up. Our servers are working. Our network is fine. We are not experiencing any service difficulties.

We’re still sorting through the reports to find out why people are seeing error messages.

In most cases, the error messages are correctly reporting that a firewall is preventing connections from reaching Akismet.com. This problem is caused by the web host, not Akismet, and only the web host can fix it.

In some cases we’re seeing reports that may indicate spurious errors. This may be a bug in the diagnostic code, a conflict with another plugin, or an intermittent network issue at the web host – we’re still investigating.

Update: We’ve found a timing bug in the diagnostic code that can cause the Akismet plugin to report an error when in fact everything is working normally. The bug affects the diagnostic feature only; spam checking still works as normal. Version 2.2.5 of the plugin will be released shortly with a fix. In the meantime, clicking the “Check network status” button on the Akismet Configuration tab will normally remove the error message.

Update: Akismet 2.2.5 is released with a fix for the timing bug.

The issue is not a connectivity problem, but a spurious error message that is produced when connections are actually working fine.


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  2. I’m glad you guys are on the ball. I had the error reporting connectivity issues yesterday for about 15 minutes. clicking the “Check Network Status” cleared the error and it was fine ever since. Akismet is a magical plugin we never credit enough for saving our comment queues from unwanted visitors. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Ted.

      The symptom you’re describing here is exactly the one caused by the bug (a connectivity error that disappears when you click the button). There was no loss of connectivity; the message was incorrect, and Akismet was still working for you during that time.

  3. I’ve updated to the new version but I am still getting the connectivity errors. I am on [removed]. The settings page says that all the Akismet servers are obstructed at 2:14 a.m. Eastern timezone.

    Server Connectivity

    Unable to reach any Akismet servers.

    A network problem or firewall is blocking all connections from your web server to Akismet.com. Akismet cannot work correctly until this is fixed. Please contact your web host or firewall administrator and give them this information about Akismet and firewalls.

    1. SleeplessinDC, if you’re using 2.2.5 then the advice in the message is sound: please contact your web host and ask them about their firewall and security policies.

      If that’s not the problem then please contact Akismet support.

  4. Thanks folks.
    You are certainly on the ball. I’ve only just manged to get a couple of screen-dumps of the effect on my website and you’ve gone and fixed it!
    And as Ted says, a “magical tool” indeed, as anyone can verify by turning it off for a while. 😉

  5. Alex, I noticed this via wp admin’s dashboard and my blog isn’t a testing one and this was pro version 2.2.5 so thanks for updating us with the problem cause and the fix.

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