Akismet in Python and API docs

David Lynch has written a cool library for using the Akismet API in Python. I expect over the holidays a few more implementations will come out as people have a little more time for hacking on fun projects. We’ve had a few more development rumblings on the spam‑stopper mailing list, so if you have something finished be sure to let me know and I’ll be happy to blog about it.

One that I forgot to blog about earlier was this Spam Karma and Akismet integration. Spam Karma was one of the first plugins for WordPress to take a really comprehensive approach to addressing spam. The only other serious solution is Bad Behaviour, and Akismet complements both perfectly.

Finally the first draft of the API documentation is online, so if you’ve been waiting for that to try out your version be sure to check it out and leave comments if anything isn’t clear.

Update: Right after I published this someone wrote in about another Python implementation! “Mine is implemented differently – as a single class (using urllib2 rather than httplib).” The more choice the better.


  1. Can you start displaying version information on the download page? I just downloaded the plugin today and noticed that I’m a few versions behind. It would really be helpful to just see what version is the latest with one quick glance. Thanks for all the hard work on such a great plugin!

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