Akismet and Drupal, Together Again

Akismet is used on millions of WordPress sites, but it isn’t only used with WordPress. In fact, Akismet can be integrated with any CMS, and more than 30 Akismet libraries and plugins are available for non-WordPress systems.

The Drupal CMS has had an unofficial Akismet integration available via the AntiSpam module since 2009, but it hadn’t been updated since 2012, and thousands of sites were still using it despite some significant bugs. In the interest of providing the best experience possible for Akismet customers, we’ve contributed some time and code, and we’re happy to announce that a new stable version of AntiSpam for Drupal is available.

Version 7.x-1.6 can be downloaded from the AntiSpam project page on Drupal.org. Please let us know about any issues you may encounter by leaving a comment below or by opening a ticket at the issue tracker for the AntiSpam module.

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