Akismet Has Caught Four Hundred Billion Spam Comments

Over the weekend, Akismet stopped its 400 billionth spam comment.

400,000,000,000 is a lot. How many is it?

  • It’s so many that I lost count of the zeroes while I was typing it out.
  • It’s so many that most basic calculators can’t even display a number that big.
  • It’s so many that if it took you five seconds to mark each of those comments as spam, you’d have to skip your office Halloween party for the next 63,419 years because you’d still be busy clicking.

Akismet will continue quietly catching spam. (In fact, it’s already caught another million spam while you were reading this.)  If you have a spam problem, sign up for Akismet, and you can help us reach our next hundred billion milestone even faster.

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  1. Akismet is just great. In fact, my website has survived from spam comments attack. The entire credit goes to undoubtedly to Akismet.

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