Three Testimonials

Here are three testimonials we got in this morning:

I’ve been hit hard by comment spam over the last few months, getting at one point hundreds a day. My homegrown systems did a good job, despite the occasional false positive, but did require a lot of maintenance. I’ve switched to Akismet, and have not had one spam get through. I’ve not had one false positive. Finally, I can stop worrying about dealing with the spam!

Dave Child

Can I please hug you? I was buried in spam. Now I’m not. Akismet just works.


(For the record, we’re pro-hug.)

Thank you for my new found freedom from spam! Please know that you are loved!


Notes like this really brighten the day, so thank you folks for sending them in. πŸ™‚


  1. I have about ten active WordPress installs and they’re all protected with Akismet. Honestly I find it really hard to think what the blogging world did without it.

  2. I’m going to chime in with some love for Akismet as well. One of the main reasons I left MT was because of all the spam I got hit with once MT-Blacklist reached it’s threshold. Once I moved the blog over to WordPress and installed Akismet it has been a DREAM. YAY!!!

  3. We got hit by about 10,000 in a day or two over at – I don’t recall it missing one.

  4. Don’t forget this one:

    An anti-spam solution that stands out above the others is Akismet, produced by Automattic, the people who develop WordPress. Akismet is an anti-spam system that consists of a WordPress plugin, and a centralized service, through which comments are filtered. The heuristics employed by Akismet are unpublished, but our blackbox evaluation has shown the system to be very effective.

  5. I love Akismet! Spam is still spamming me, but Akismet is doing its fight well splattering spam. yay!

  6. Personally, I use Akismet as a plug-in for Spam Karma 2. It’s set to only do the Akismet check if it falls below a certain threshhold of “spamminess” (i.e. it skips the obvious spam and only checks the questionable ones). This keeps most of my spam filtering “in house” and avoids hammering the Akismet server more than necessary.

    So far it’s worked like a charm. I rarely even get spams in the moderation queue, and can’t remember the last time one actually got though. Nice. πŸ™‚

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