We had a 40 minute downtime in our San Antonio location last night. This probably caused some obvious spam on your blog to be missed by Akismet.

We’re obviously looking on the systems side at what happened and how to prevent it, but also on the client side we’d like to make the WP plugin deal more gracefully with not being able to contact the mothership.


  1. I thought that was my blog’s fault, about 15 spam comments passed Akismet. That’s a relief, thanks.

  2. Yay-ness! All my spam was captured before and after the downtime, so I’m good to go.

    I hope you find the problem though, because I’m sure it only takes a little bit of time to flood big sites with spam.

    Good luck!

  3. I did think something had gone amiss, but these things happen to us all and its certainly the first glitch I’ve experienced using your fantastic service.

  4. I think you mentioned this at WordCamp. With 2.3 weren’t you going to have spam spool and not go through if the akismet server couldn’t be reached? (except for normal white list)

  5. I think that the majority of users would not have been plagued en-mass so all’s well in spamville 😀

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