Comments Glasnot

There has been a ton of great feedback on blogs thus far about Akismet, which I’ll blog about soon, but this post really stood out to me for its clever title:

Akismet Creates Comments Glasnot


We’ve gotten a few reports of people getting a key error when submitting a false positive, and we’re trying to track down that bug now.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! I meant every word. Akismet lets me concentrate on creating new posts instead of sifting through my moderation folder for genuine comments versus Spam. Thank you!

  2. Matt, can you please display the content of the comments akismet traps somewhere? Thanks.

    Good to hear some have control of their comments back. I’d just like a little more info so I know Akismet is working properly and not culling genuine comments.

  3. …and we’re trying to track down that bug now.

    Very good. It’s not a good thing that I can’t get the false positives back online at the moment. But I’m sure you will resolve this problem soon.

    Thanks for your work!

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