University Site on WordPress? Let Akismet Kill Your Spam

Much like the peanut butter and chocolate, Akismet and higher education are a match made in heaven. If your college, university, or higher educational institution’s website uses WordPress, Akismet is the best, most cost effective solution to keep your site’s forums, comment boards, and blogs free of spam.

Over 150 colleges and universities trust Akismet to keep their sites squeaky clean. In fact, each month, Akismet prevents over 25 million spam comments from sullying higher education blogs and forums. That number gets bigger every day, but we’re constantly fortifying Akismet to stay one step ahead of the bad guys to kill spam dead, before it reaches your site.

The benefits of an Enterprise Akismet subscription

We believe in higher education and we like to give colleges, unis, and other higher ed institutions a break. For large multisite networks, we recommend the Enterprise subscription, and happily waive the limit of 80,000 API calls each month. Akismet itself is made of algorithms and love, though you’ll get great priority support from nice humans should you have a question or concern. Do your site, your students, faculty, administration, and school community a favor: get your Akismet API key today.

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