Akismet Fights Spam for WebBoy

The internet has a new super hero: WebBoy made his first appearance today. And we couldn’t be more pleased that he’s making use of his trusty plugin, Akismet.

We’ve seen some great tributes to Akismet over the last few years, but this one must be among the best. If you know of any others that we should be aware of (or would like to make one yourself!) please let us know in the comments.


  1. Thanks for posting a review on our comic Pete!

    We start the story introducing Quinten Sage as a struggling web designer, we quickly jump into a world where he appears as his alter-ego, webboy – completely out of his depth in an environment un-known to himself.

    We felt the need to introduce a plugin which is a web designers first line of defence against spam – Akismet, a spam fighting dog that you really don’t want to mess with.

    Issue two promises to be as exciting as issue one. We have some really impressive, creative surprises coming your way!

  2. You guys do a fantastic job…we just launched, this is the second site I’ve had you protect, and I shamelessly use your name and cred to lure the contributors I’m wooing; I can safely assure them they’re coming onto a spam-free site from the spam-riddled, troll-ridden sites they’re stuck with now.

    I may have mentioned that you have a fleet of stealth helicopters you deploy when spammers attack, also…but we are a bunch of fiction writers, after all.

  3. I use Akismet on my blog funcityfinder.com and it works great. Once in a while I’ll get someone who calls me and asks me why his/her comment was deleted. I didn’t do it. Could this be Akismet? If so, how do they check to see if they are caught in the Akisment spam filters. And, if they are, how do they get out of it?

    1. For WordPress sites using the Akismet plugin comments marked as spam are under the ‘Spam’ section in the comments area of wp-admin. The Akismet plugin will delete comments marked as spam after they are 15 days old, so you’ll need to check before then.

      If Akismet made a mistake click the ‘Not Spam’ link for the comment. That will send data back to Akismet so that our systems can learn from it.

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