Akismet Error #10001

Yahoo! Small Business Akismet Subscription Expiration

Why am I receiving this error?

Your web host, Yahoo! Small Business, has decided to cancel its Akismet subscription. This means that its API key, which was used to automatically activate the plugin on your site, will soon stop working. To keep your site protected from comment spam, you are encouraged to .

But I never used to pay for Akismet.

Yahoo!’s API key automatically activated the plugin for you. Unfortunately, Yahoo! has chosen to cancel this subscription and will no longer provide the service to its customers.

Do I qualify for a free key?

Akismet is only free for personal use. If your site is designed around a business, or promotes commercial products or services, you will need a Plus subscription ($10/month or $100/year). Enterprise and High-Volume plans are also available. All paid subscriptions also enjoy priority support.

I think I already have an API Key. How can I check?

You can enter your email address and submit the form here. You may also get in touch with us, and we will be happy to take a look.

Can I just de-activate the Akismet plugin?

Yes. To deactivate the Akismet plugin, go to the Plugins menu in your WordPress dashboard and click on the 'Deactivate' link found directly under 'Akismet.' Please note that your site will then be left completely unprotected from comment spam, which is not recommended.

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