Learn how to block spam without blocking conversions.

Because who wouldn’t want 40% more conversion?

Akismet uses advanced AI to block spam behind the scenes on your forms, so there’s zero friction created for the user.

It’s how the biggest brands in the world block spam without blocking conversions.

Imagine one simple change to your forms having such a dramatic impact on your business:

More conversions

Studies have shown that forms without CAPTCHA perform dramatically better than those with them. Up to 40% better.

Superior protection

Akismet has blocked 500 billion pieces of spam across 100 million websites with an accuracy score of 99.99%.

More time

The average Akismet user saves 20 hours per month vs. manual spam filtering.

Switching to Akismet is easy, and the lowest hanging fruit of 2023.

“With Akismet, we don’t have to think about spam prevention anymore, allowing us to do other things. And it’s because of what Akismet is doing behind the scenes.

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