Spam shall
not pass.

Akismet’s advanced AI filters out comment, form, and text spam with 99.99% accuracy, so you never have to worry about it again. Seriously, never worry about spam again.

547,637,706,853 Blocked pieces of spam

100+ million Websites protected by Akismet

99.99% Spam detection accuracy

Trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world

What type of spam does Akismet block?

The whole
can of spam.

Not just comment spam, or form submissions, or forum bots. Akismet analyzes any piece of user‑submitted text to protect your site from all forms of attacks.

How does Akismet block spam?

Like a machine.
With intelligence.

Powered by advanced machine learning and AI, Akismet analyzes user‑submissions in real time. Legit submissions are allowed through to your site, and spam is sent back to its basement.

Why choose Akismet?

Never waste time on spam again.

Manually reviewing comments, form submissions, and forums eats up time. Akismet’s automated filtering gives you that time back. And time is money.

20 hours per month

The average time an Akismet user saves vs. manual filtering.

Never lose money on spam attacks again.

The cost of doing nothing is simply too risky when it comes to spam attacks. Akismet is the front line defense that protects your bottom line. That was a pretty fancy sentence, no?

3.6% of annual revenue

How much, on average, automated bot attacks cost businesses each year.

Bring in more leads, sales, and revenue.

Akismet works behind the scenes – meaning you won’t be adding any friction to the user experience. You know, like asking someone to prove they’re not a robot.


Increase in average conversion rate by eliminating CAPTCHA.

Sleep well,
security team.

Our advanced AI has learned from over 100 million sites while blocking over 500 billion pieces of spam, making Akismet the most accurate anti‑spam solution available. This is great news for your CIO’s REM cycle.


Akismet’s advanced AI accuracy score.

Who benefits from using Akismet?

Your whole team.


Less friction on forms means more leads and sales.


Less spam means higher search rankings and more traffic.


99.99% accuracy means less worry and more peace of mind.


Less time moderating spam comments means more real engagement.


Less cleanup in the CRM means more time to close real opportunities.


Less complexity means more connections with your existing tools.

Power to the devs

An API so flexible it’s basically double‑jointed.

We took great care in making the Akismet API open, flexible, and easy‑to‑use for developers. Build Akismet into any application effortlessly. The possibilities are endless.

Custom solutions for Enterprise.

Working with some of the world’s largest companies, we know that bigger organizations have more complicated needs. That’s why our Enterprise solutions are customizable to your company’s requirements, no matter how complex.

Try Akismet today.

The most trusted solution for spam protection for small sites and large enterprises.